Kid-Friendly – Parent-Friendly

we focus on children's dental health

Kid-Friendly – Parent-Friendly

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we care for children of all ages

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Child’s First Dental Appointment

By 12 months of age, or six months after the first tooth erupts, it is advised that children visit the dentist for the first time.

Sports Mouth Guards

Your child needs a sports mouth guard in any contact sports to protect their beautiful smile.

Invisalign For Kids

Does your child have crooked and misaligned teeth? Here at Riverside Landing Dental, we help your kids straighten their smiles! Book an appointment today!

Tooth Extraction

Does your child need a tooth extraction? Don’t let it worsen! We also offer dental sedation for your kids! Call us now!
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brighter smiles through better dentistry

The earlier a child start receiving regular dental exams, the longer their mouths will remain healthy. Early examinations aid in stopping dental decay and cavities, which can cause discomfort, difficulty concentrating, and other medical problems. Children that have healthy teeth find it simple to chew their food, develop fluent speech, and grin with assurance. We would happily accommodate your child with same-day appointments and emergency walk-ins. We also offer sedation options for your anxious kids.

we focus on children's dental health

We provide your child with a better foundation in their dental health. We give the quality dental care they need. At Riverside Landing Dental, we aim to keep your child’s smile healthy and brighter. We accept new patients and offer sedation options for a relaxed dental environment.